최영욱 I Choi Young Wook


Choi Young Wook


Choi Young Wook, Karma, 70x76cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2012

Layers of Memory and Image

About Choi Young Wook’s Moonjar work

- Kang Hong Goo


As an everyday article, the Moonjar was lauded by many visual artists sharing the same idea with You Hong June who pointed out the beauty of it in terms of "warm pure white color, the beauty of liberal form, gentle and virtuous taste coming from the indefinite form, and the ultimate beauty of all those mixed together". The artist Kim Whan Ki who also has left many works about the Moonjar was an admirer and said as follows.

I have not seen as flaws in our pot. NAll that rounds are not the same. Everything is white but the white is not the same.
Nothing can be mysteriously beautiful than this simple round shape and pure white. There is a speed and movement in our calm pot.  The surface is warm though it is cold porcelain It is the perfection of formative beauty indeed. I do not think it is exaggerated and believe that pot has opened our eyes to aesthetic.
Isn’t a white round pot in the very front of formative art? - 1963, Kim Whan Ki

It is certain that a Moonjar is not only an archetype of Korean aesthetic appreciation but also an inspiration for many artists for ages. And the work of Choi Young Wook starts from here as well.

Choi Young Wook’s Moonjar is a kind of homage to both the Moonjar itself and Korean aesthetic which is inherent in it. As Kim Whan Ki and You Hong June mentioned above, this Korean aesthetic has developed surrounded by harmony, balance, and tension between artificiality and nature.

The Moonjar is created by the action of natural power like fire, gravity and etc on a man made artificial item. Due to that, it has, unlike the one of China or Japan which is unnaturally perfect, an asymmetrical look that cannot be crafted by human. Of course the beauty of that rough and uneven look wins over man-created beauty. The physical tension, made when it tries to go over the artificiality, comes from the intimacy between the about to blown up pot and the soil that holds it tight.  The color is the same. In conjunction with the shape, diverse white colors give a sense of natuality like eggs from different sorts of birds. This explains its title Moonjar along with an impression that it is not man made but nature created.

Choi Young Wook’s admiration for the Moonjar starts as he reproduces its shape and color on a plane. Semiologically speaking, three dimensional sign is transformed into two dimensional sign with his personal interpretation. That is, in Choi Young Wook’s Moonjar, paint takes a range of roles as base clay, glaze, and kiln making a fire. He approaches very carefully painting on a canvas as if he moves a basket of shallow shell eggs. As a result, the white Moonjar on the white panel appears as the moon. One more feature that makes Choi Young Wook’s work out of the ordinary is his interest in hairline crack in the glaze which looks like an ice crack. It is not made artificially but naturally, and Choi Young Wook traces this hairline crack one by one. Marked out cracks create natural drawing lines together with the shape of a Moonjar.

In other words, the Moonjar in Choi Young Wook’s painting resembles the real one in terms of its look but at the same time, it is alsoan exploration into formal elements like lines or colors. This is the moment that the Moonjar as a traditional artwork converts into the one of Choi Young Wook’s style There is another layer in Choi Young Wook’s work as he says "my painting is of visualized memory." The ‘memory’ that he refers here is not of detailed recollection as to the Moonjar but the overall ambience. These memories are sublimated in company with formative elements of the Moonjar. Choi Young Wook goes further from the lines and cracks in the pot to the extent of abstract or sometimes changes white jar to black. A black jar is in fact a darkness that has lost the Moonjar, resembling the last night of lunar month devoid of the moon. The Moonjar exists in between bright and dark, and the hairline cracks are the evidence or interference of time appeared on the surface of the jar. In his artist’s note Choi Young Wook says "cracks and craze lines in ceramics are like diverse roads in life; divided, connected, similar, different, and joined all together." The line could be a silhouette of a jar or the crazes in the glaze. If you look into the very craze, you will find what Choi Young Wook says; "shackles, joys and sorrows of life, and a spirit that encompasses all of those." Therefore, Moonjar that he paintsis a metaphor or symbol of human beings’ and his life as well.

Every object is inevitably a sign of something. A ‘signified’ that constitutes sign with ‘signifier’ contains sentiment rather than simply indicates meanings. That is the aesthetic sensation in our minds aroused by the Moonjar. It woke Choi Young Wook up to paint images similar to the Moonjar on a canvas ranging from physical reproduction to abstract line drawings. Choi Young Wooktries to go beyond mere imitation of color and shape of the Moonjar and that is why he shows accumulation of abstract line drawings quoting In Hwa Mun and Gue Yal Mun. He paints Moonjar without painting it.

              Once Lao-tzu said, ‘what people use is not a body of vessel but the empty space of it.’ It is the same for the Moonjar. What we see and enjoy is the body of the Moonjar but what we makes use of is the inner empty space. The Moonjar that has no practical use is close to historic fine artwork and this is where Choi Young Wook’s language develops. This is a point of departure not arrival that he explores possibilities to formatively modify aesthetic practicality of Moonjar. Therefore, he wants his works to be a way of communication through Moonjar. That passage is an attempt to make a new relational place including past and present, or I and you. No artwork could be an answer to how detailed the effort would be, but definitely the Moonjar points toward that way.


Choi Youngwook


1964 Born in Seoul. Korea
1991 B.F.A Hong Ik University (Seoul. Korea)
2000 M.F.A Hong Ik University (Seoul. Korea)

Solo Exhibition

2013 24th Solo Exhibition (Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea)
2013 23rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery a-cube, Tokyo, Japan)
2012 22th Solo Exhibition (Art issue projects.Taipei City. Taiwan)
2012 21th Solo Exhibition (Seojoungwook Gallery. Seoul.Korea)
2012 20th Solo Exhibition (Sun Contemporary. Seoul.Korea)
2012 19th Solo Exhibition (Lotte Gallery.Busan. Korea)
2011 18th Solo Exhibition (Mugaksa. Gwangju. Korea)
2011 17th Solo Exhibition (IAAF World Championships 2011 VIP room. Daegu.Korea)
2011 16th Solo Exhibition (Jun Gallery. Daegu. Korea)
2011 15th Solo Exhibition (Versace aki. Seoul. Korea)
2011 14th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2010 13th Solo Exhibition (Yegam Gallery. New York. NY. USA )
2010 12th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2010 11th Solo Exhibition (Gong Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2009 10th Solo Exhibition (ArtGate Gallery. New York. NY. USA)
2007 9th Solo Exhibition  (Woori Bank Kang Nam Gallery. Soop Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2007 8th Solo Exhibition  (ANNEX Convention Center. Fukuoka. Japan)
2006 7th Solo Exhibition  (ONO Gallery. Tokyo. Japan)
2004 6th Solo Exhibition  (Seoul Art Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2003 5th Solo Exhibition  (Noam Gallery. Seoul Korea)
2000 4th Solo Exhibition  (Hong Ik University museum. Seoul. Korea)
2000 3rd Solo Exhibition  (Alternative Space. Seoul. Korea)
1996 2nd Solo Exhibition  (Kim Nae Hyun Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
1992 1st Solo Exhibition  (Gain Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

Group Exhibition

2014 ‘Friends, Trough th

e Years Ⅱ’ (JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2014 ‘Cultural Code’ (Springs Center of Art, Beijing, China)
2014 ‘K-P.O.P – Process, Otherness, Play’ (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan)
2013 ‘The Sounds of Korea’ (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, Beijing, China)
2013 ‘correspondence’ (BRIDGE GALLERY, Seoul, Korea)
2013 ‘RED GATE’ (Gallery Hogam, Seoul, Korea)
2013 ‘A SCENE FROM A MEMORY’ (odetoart, Singapore)
2013 ‘The Beauty Of Stillness’ (SUPERIOR GALLERY, Seoul, Korea)
2012 Hong-Ik International art Exhibition- alumnus exhibition (Hong Ik University.Seoul.Korea)
2012 Korea contemporary art exhibition (gallery sup. Seoul.Korea)
2012 Friends, Trough the Years (JJ Joong Jung gallery.Seoul.Korea)
2012 Korean Zone – Mind shadowing into Things (MIA gallery.Beijing,China)
2012 Studio Akka Group Exhibition (Studio Akka. Milano. Italia)
2012 Ilwoo Space Group Exhibition (Ilwoo Space. Seoul Korea)
2012 Reality Equals Dream (Art On Gallery. Singapore)
2012 Seek (JJ Joong Jung Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Flying Dragon Exhibition (Suppoment Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Adagio non molto (EON Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Art in Life Life in Art (Art On Gallery. Singapore)
2012 Gallery Epoque Group Exhibition (Epoque Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Stone, Water, Moon Exhibition (JJ Joongjung Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Fiction Nonfiction (Interalia Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Korea-China Exchane Exhibition (Indecon Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Korean and Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Jigudang Gallery. Tokyo. Japan)
2012 Korean and Bulgarian Exchange Exhibition (Sofia Municipal Gallery of Art. Bulgaria)
2012 Exhibition Celebrating the Opening of Jungang Newspaper Branch. sponsored by Origin Painting Association (LA Jungang Newspaper Gallery. LA. USA)
2012 Metro Group Exhibition (In Sa Art Gallery. Seoul. Korea)
2012 Treasures From The Mythology (Yegam Gallery. N.Y. USA)
2012 Maum Group Exhibition (NY. USA)
2012 Suwon University Museum of Art (Suwon. Korea)
and participated over 150 times of group exhibition

Art fair

2014 SOAF (Seoul, Korea)
2014 Chicago International Art Fair (Chicago, USA)
2014 Palm Beach Art Fair (Miami, USA)
2014 LA Art Show (LA, USA)
2014 Artshow Busan 2014 (Busan, Korea)
2014 New York Scope Art Show (New York, USA)
2014 Seoul Living Design Fair (Seoul, Korea)
2013 Art Miami CONTEXT, FL, USA
2013 Toronto Internatinal Art Fair (Toronto, Canada)
2013 Houston Art Fair (Houston, USA)
2013 G Seoul (Grand Hilton, Seoul, Korea)
2013 KIAF (Seoul, Korea)
2012 Miami art fair (Miami. USA)
2012 doors art fair (Seoul.Korea)
2012 KIAF(Seoul.Korea)
2012 Art Kwangju (Kwangju.Korea)
2012 Kunst art fair (Bolzano. Italy)
2012 KIAF (New York. USA)
2011 Cologne art fair (Cologne. Germany)
2011 Miami art fair (Miami. USA)
2011 Doors art fair (Seoul. Korea)
2011 Kwangju art fair (Kwangju. Korea)
2011 Singapore art fair (Singapore)
2011 KIAF art Fair (Seoul. Korea)
2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Fair Hyatt (Seoul. Korea)
2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel art fair (Hong Kong)
2011 New York Scop art fair (USA)
2011 New York Red dot art fair (USA)
2011 Daegu artfair (Daegu. Korea)
2011 Miami Scop art fair (USA)
2010 LA art fair (USA)
2007 Kyeung Hyang Art Fair (Kyeng Ki. Korea)
2007 ANNEX Convention Center (Fukuoka. Japan)
2004 KIAF art fair (Seoul. Korea)


España Monarchy (España)
Luxembourg Monarchy (Luxembourg)
JEI Education (Seoul.Korea)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle.USA)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia.USA)
Loreal Korea (Seoul. Korea)
Komferry Asia (Seoul. Korea)
LG, U Plus (Seoul.Korea)
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (Gwacheon. Korea)
Korea Herald (Seoul.Korea)
Baekgong Museum, Gangwon, Korea
Suwon University (Suwon. Korea)
Blue Dot (Chilgok-gun.Gyeongsangbuk-do. Korea)
Korean Air (Seoul.Korea)


A Member of Korea Fine Art Association
A Member of Kang Nam Art Association
A Member of Origin Art Association



최 영 욱


1964 서울출생
1991 홍익대학교 회화과 졸업
2000 홍익대학교 미술대학원졸업


2013 24회 ‘緣, Karma' (소울아트스페이스, 부산, 한국)
2013 23회 ‘카르마’ (에이큐브갤러리, 서울, 한국 & 도쿄, 일본)
2012. 22회 緣,Karma (아트이슈프로젝트, 대만)
2012 21회 '달속에 품은 연緣' (서정욱갤러리, 서울)
2012 20회 카르마 (선컨템포러리, 서울)
2012 19회 달을 품다 (롯데갤러리 광복점, 부산)
2011 18회 'Image of memories' (무각사, 광주)
2011 17회 특별전 카르마 (대구세계육상대회 귀빈실, 대구)
2011 16회 카르마 (전갤러리, 대구)
2011 15회 카르마 (베르사체 아끼, 서울)
2011 14회 카르마 (가가갤러리, 서울)
2011 13회 카르마 (Yegam갤러리, 뉴욕)
2010 12회 카르마 (가가갤러리, 서울)
2010 11회 카르마 (공화랑, 서울)
2009 10회 'Image of memories' (아트게이트 갤러리, 뉴욕)
2007 9회 어느날 이야기 (우리은행 강남갤러리 숲 갤러리, 서울)
2007 8회 어느날 이야기 (후쿠오카 한중일 아트페어, 일본)
2006 7회 어느날 이야기 (오노갤러리, 일본)
2004 6회 어느날 이야기 (예술의전당, 서울)
2003 5회 어느날 이야기 (노암갤러리, 서울)
2000 4회 어느날 이야기 (홍익대학교 미술관, 서울)
2000 3회 어느날 이야기 (대안공간 풀, 서울)
1996 2회 어느날 이야기 (김내현갤러리, 서울)
1992 1회 어느날 이야기 (가인화랑, 서울)


2014 벗 – 길을 걷다 Ⅱ (JJ 중정갤러리, 서울, 한국)
2014 ‘Cultural Code’ (Springs Center of Art, 베이징, 중국)
2014 ‘K-P.O.P – Process, Otherness, Play’ (Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, 타이베이, 대만)
2013 ‘The Sounds of Korea’ (주중한국대사관, 베이징, 중국)
2013 ‘correspondence’ (BRIDGE GALLERY, 서울, 한국)
2013 ‘RED GATE’ (갤러리 호감, 서울, 한국)
2013 ‘기억으로부터의 풍경’ (odetoart, 싱가폴)
2013 ‘The Beauty Of Stillness’ (SUPERIOR GALLERY, 서울, 한국)
2012 홍익국제미술제 동문중진작가전 (홍익대학교, 서울)
2012 Korea contemporary art exhibition (갤러리 숲, 서울)
2012 벗 – 길을 걷다 (JJ 중정갤러리,서울)
2012 사랑, 흔적- 삶의 이야기 (갤러리 마음+더스페이스, 뉴욕)
2012 Korean Zone – Mind shadowing into Things (MIA갤러리, 베이징)
2012 Studio Akka 그룹전 (Studio Akka, 밀라노, 이탈리아)
2012 달하 노피곰 도다샤 어긔야 머리곰 비취오시라 (일우스페이스, 서울)
2012 Reality Equals Dream (아트온갤러리, 싱가폴)
2012 새로운 모색전 (JJ 중정갤러리, 서울)
2012 龍의 비상전 (갤러리 써포먼트, 서울)
2012 Adagio non molto (이언갤러리, 서울)
2012 Art in Life Life in Art (아트온갤러리, 싱가폴)
2012 북촌에 뜬 달항아리전 (갤러리에뽀끄, 서울)
2012 돌 · 물 · 달 전 (JJ 중정갤러리, 서울)
2012 Fiction Nonfiction (인터알리아 갤러리,서울)
2012 한중 교류전 (인데코화랑)
2012 한일 교류전 (지구당 갤러리. 일본)
2012 한국 불가리아 교류전 (소피아 갤러리. 불가리아)
2012 한미 교류전 (LA 중앙일보 갤러리. 미국)
2012 메트로 그룹전 (인사 아트센터)
2012 Treasures from the mythology전 (Yegam갤러리. 뉴욕)
2012 Maum Group전 (뉴욕, 미국)
그 외 그룹전 150여회 참여


2014 SOAF (서울, 한국)
2014 Chicago International Art Fair (시카고, 미국)
2014 아트쇼 부산 2014 (부산, 한국)
2014 Scope 아트페어 (뉴욕, 미국)
2014 Palm Beach Art Fair (마이애미, 미국)
2014 LA Art Show (LA, 미국)
2014 서울리빙디자인페어 (서울, 한국)
2013 Art Miami CONTEXT (FL, USA)
2013 아트 토론토 (토론토, 캐나다)
2013 휴스톤 파인 아트페어 (휴스톤, 미국)
2013 KIAF (서울, 한국)
2013 G Seoul (그랜드힐튼, 서울, 한국)
2012 마이애미 아트패어 (마이애미, 미국)
2012 DOORS ART FAIR (임페리얼 팰리스 호텔, 서울)
2012 KIAF(서울, 한국)
2012 아트광주(광주, 한국)
2012 Kunst art fair (볼자노, 이탈리아)
2012 KIAF (뉴욕, 미국)
2011 쾰른 아트페어 (쾰른, 독일)
2011 마이애미 아트패어 (마이애미, 미국)
2011 싱가폴 아트페어 (싱가폴)
2011 Doors 아트페어 (서울, 한국)
2011 광주아트페어 (광주, 한국)
2011 KIAF 아트페어 (서울, 한국)
2011 아시아 Top Gallery Hotel Fair Hyatt (서울, 한국)
2011 아시아 Top Gallery Hotel Fair (홍콩)
2011 뉴욕 Red Dot 아트페어 (뉴욕, 미국)
2011 뉴욕 Scope 아트페어 (뉴욕, 미국)
2011 서울아트페스티벌 (서울, 한국)
2010 대구 아트페어 (대구, 한국)
2010 Miami Scope 아트페어 (마이에미, 미국)
2010 LA 아트페어 (LA, 미국)
2007 경향 아트페어 (경기, 한국)
2007 후쿠오카 아트페어 (후쿠오카, 일본)
2004 KIAF 아트페어 (서울, 한국)


스페인 왕실 (스페인)
룩셈부르크 왕실 (룩셈부르크)
JEI 재능교육 (서울, 한국)
빌게이츠재단 (시애틀, 미국)
필라델피아 뮤지움 (필라델피아, 미국)
로레알 코리아 (서울, 한국)
Komferry 아시아 (서울, 한국)
NUVICO INC (미국, 뉴저지)
LG. U Plus (서울, 한국)
백운 미술관 (서울, 한국)
코리아헤럴드 (서울, 한국)
백공 미술관 (강원, 한국)
수원대학교 (수원, 한국)
국립현대미술관 (과천, 한국)
블루닷 (칠곡, 경북. 한국)
그 외 개인소장 (한국, 미국, 일본, 프랑스, 스페인, 독일...)





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