Singapore AAF 2016.11.18~11.20






Affordable Art Fair 2016





GAGA gallery


Booth No :2C-12





Kim, Guwan soo


2016_Wood, cord mixed media on bord_120x60cm



Gurated from Dept. of Art education, Kyung Hee Univ.

Vanice biennale

Asia Pacific Biennale

Tara Int'l Exhibition etc.

Over 100 times participated in various exhibitions in Korea and Abroad










Slowly_2015_ Mixed media117x91cm



Graduate Fine Art Sejong University

Solo Exhibition(1995~2016)
1995 Insa Gallery, Seoul
2012 57ThGallery
2013 Exhibition of Ci-ol Art Fair
2016 ArtExhibitionsponsoredpilriah,ReubenGallery, Seoul
2016 London Affardable Art Fair Hampstead. Etc
Group Exhibition(1986~2007)
1986 DongsungStreetArt
1997 Kyung Museum of Art, Seoul
2007 Wood Gallery, Heyri. Etc.








Kim,Jeongnamnatural rhythm-eterna, 2016, l 117.4x73cm, mixed on foamex



Kim Jeong Nam



Hongik University, BFA Printmaking

Hongik University, MFA Printmaking

Kangnung National Univ, Department of Fine Arts majoring in Painting



Solo Exhibition


1999 1st Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul

2006 2nd Kangnung art Museum

2009 3th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2010 4th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2011 5th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2013 6th Gaga Gallery, seoul



Art Fairs

2013 Affordable New York art fair(Gaga Gallery) /New York,USA

2013 Seoul Open Art Fair(Gaga Gallery)/COEX, Korea

2012 Art Miami Context(Gaga Gallery) / Miami,USA,

Seoul Modern Art Show / aT Center, Seoul

2011 Affordable Singapore art fair(Gaga Gallery) / Singapore

2010 Art asia Miami art fair(Gaga Gallery)/ Miami, USA

Doors Hotel art fair(Gaga Gallery)/ Imperial palace Hotel, Seoul

Art Daego/ Exco, Daego

Gangwon art fair / Gangnung Culture center

Gangwon Art Fair / Gangneung Cultural Arts Center

2008 Manif art Seoul / Hangaram Museum, Seoul

2006 Gangwon art fair / Chiak Art center

Gangwon Art Fair /Art Museum chiak





2012 Grand Art Exhibition of Seoul " The First Prize"

2011 Grand Art Exhibition of Jungsoo Korea "Grand Prize"

2009 Grand Art Exhibition of Shinsaimdang "Grand Prize














 Beginning of the stop-2015-21

 oil on canvas_72.7x60





Every day of our lives, we are continually encountering the events which is caused by our ironical basic demands, such as get hungry so we eat, get hot so we drink cold water and work hard so we rest. We are in the middle of the gigantic stream of the story that is created by these balancing activities from these unlimited opposition solutions for our needs. In easy words, if we think that we should stop eating than we would like to keep eating, if there are something that gets forbidden than people will get crazy to do it. It is very common human society nature.


I found recent Hollywood movie “Gravity” very intriguing. The keyword from the movie was the gravity as it said on the title. The gravity contains the very basic but powerful force that can disrupt the time and space. The planet contains this gravity becomes huge magnetic object, which I believe that is origin of the rule of the opposition between plus and minus. Magnet contains two different sides N and S which is very mirror characteristic. They only be able to exist because of each other’s existences. They cannot be separated. As planet contains magnetic characteristic, we humans also variously have these two different sides characteristic. May be that is why we call someone “Star” who keeps others attention very well.


In this topic, it seems like I am demonstrating about magnetic characteristic between two opposite sides, however this discussion eventually become pointing at the third fact that is hidden. I believe that the world we are living is not only two opposite sides, there are third part. It is because of these two different sides. That is the reason why number three is easily acceptable for us. In many religions take the trinity very heavily, the three separations of powers in modern democracy countries and the most of competition counts up to the third place. In history, many of ancient scholars believed that human are consist of mind, soul and body. It could be effected by the fact that we are living in this three dimensional world.


My work “The completion of the beginning” is the story about between the complexity and simplicity, Big and small. As our huge solar system is nothing but only the dot from Milky Way galaxy map. Our complicated lives only a tale to someone. Personally, “beginning of the stop” was a big problem to me, it had been always conversational topic to me when I decided the level of completion for my work. I personally consider my painting as a human being. As human dies, I thought the completion of my work is decided when the movement of the picture is stopped. However, in my rule of the opposition, it always makes it hard when I tried to stop the movement of the picture to complete. However, I consider that this paradox leads to me to express the ironical movement which is stopped but still moving.


“The rule of the freedom” work came out in the opposite direction during my work “Beginning of the stop”. It was challenge to me with the thought “Let’s drawing freely”. It contains two face characteristic between stop and beginning, however I found often hard to orchestrate between this two opposite senses. For example, when I tried to draw feely, this thought became a limit to present a truly freedom. I think human made its own rules from the true freedom and when rule became limitation than always look for freedom. These activity has been going on entire human history. Therefore, it came to me as the thought that is it only ideal to think about the true freedom? Then there are no such a thing as the true freedom? I tried to describe this questions of mine in my work. Therefore, my work became not really free but also not really limited. From my work, I started to believe that if there are demands of being free then opposite side will demands as well so it will limit each other. I found that when the freely drawn lines met each other, they become closed space.


To be specific, all oh my works “The completion of the beginning”, “The rule of the freedom” and “Beginning of the stop” series are basically similar but they are different. I think that it is the true nature of the world. Same but different, different but same. As in wider view we are all human beings but we think we are not the same.

I think it is important to consider the true meaning of “The Opposite Side” from us. We think it is opposite, because it is opposite side from us or we think it is not this side so that we believe it is as “The Opposite Side”. I believe the ultranationalists and extremists of the left are actually similar. Two side divided oppositions are actually connected. I present this ironic characteristic world throughout my work.










Cha, Kyung Jin

The Journey to Hunab Ku

2015, 79x79cm_copper


Cha Kyung-Jin

1992 M.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Art Fairs 5 Times (2014~2015)

2015 Affordable Art Fair Seoul(DDP,Seoul,Korea),(GAGA Gallery)

2015 Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.(GAGA Gallery)

2015 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (Lon Don).(GAGA Gallery)

2014 Busan ART Fair (Bexco, Busan, Korea)

Solo Exhibitions 8Times(1996~2016)

2015 A Journey to Hunab Ku/ Gallery GO, Incheon

2013 Return to Nature /, Michuhol Gallery, Incheon

2011 2 Sculpture/ Sinseogye Window gallery,Incheon

2007 Two Face/ Gualldam Gallery, Incheon

2006 The Shadow of Existence/ Haewon Gallery, Incheon

1996 Civilization-Excavation, Apocalypse-The Time of Gods/

Kong Pyeong Art Center, Seoul









Wisdom,2016,72.7x60cm,Oil on canvas


Woo, Chang-Hoon

Graduated from University of Central Painting


1978 1st Central Art Exhibition

14th Competition 1985 target gusangjeon

2004 Best Art Award (Korea Association of Art Critics' Choice)

Solo Exhibition 13th

Invitation Exhibition of Modern Art Gallery 1987 LA

(United States, Modern Art Gallery) etc.

Art Fair-Context Art Miami, Cologne Art Fair, Singapore AAF, Seoul Open Art Fair





Transforming Cycles-1,2007, 100x95x12cm Aluminum-Pain


Graduated from Hong Ik Univ. Majored in Sculpture.

Graduated from Education Graduate School of Hong Ik Univ.

Graduated from Italy National Carrara Academia (Italy)


16th Solo Exhibition


Art Fairs


Art Busan -BEXCO

Kunstral Art Amsterdam - Amsterdam

Koeln Messe(Koeln International Art Fair) - Koeln

KIAF(Korea International Art Fair) -COXE

Kunstral Art Frankfurt - Frankfurt

Metal Works Today (Samiru, KIM CHONG YUNG MUSEUM ,Korea)

Metal Spirit Exhibition

Korean Sculpture’s Association Exhibition

Present: Member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Korean Sculpture’s Association and

Hong-Ik Sculpture Association, An Invited Artist of Grand Art Exhibition of











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