art miami aqua 2016. 11.3-12.4






 GAGA Gallery No_217




Choi,Young Wook_Karma, 70x77cm, Mixed media on canvas_2013






Choi Young Wook _Karma_110cmx120cm_Mixed media _2010



Choi Youngwook




1964 Born in Seoul. Korea

1991 B.F.A Hong Ik University (Seoul. Korea)

2000 M.F.A Hong Ik University (Seoul. Korea)


Solo Exhibition 24th (1992~2013)



2013 24th Solo Exhibition (Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea)

2013 23rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery a-cube, Tokyo, Japan)

2012 22th Solo Exhibition (Art issue projects.Taipei City. Taiwan)

2012 21th Solo Exhibition (Seojoungwook Gallery. Seoul.Korea)

2012 20th Solo Exhibition (Sun Contemporary. Seoul.Korea)

2012 19th Solo Exhibition (Lotte Gallery.Busan. Korea)

2011 18th Solo Exhibition (Mugaksa. Gwangju. Korea)

2011 17th Solo Exhibition (IAAF World Championships 2011 VIP room. Daegu.Korea)

2011 16th Solo Exhibition (Jun Gallery. Daegu. Korea)

2011 15th Solo Exhibition (Versace aki. Seoul. Korea)

2011 14th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

2010 13th Solo Exhibition (Yegam Gallery. New York. NY. USA )

2010 12th Solo Exhibition (Gaga Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

2010 11th Solo Exhibition (Gong Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

2009 10th Solo Exhibition (ArtGate Gallery. New York. NY. USA)

2007 9th Solo Exhibition (Woori Bank Kang Nam Gallery. Soop Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

2007 8th Solo Exhibition (ANNEX Convention Center. Fukuoka. Japan)

2006 7th Solo Exhibition (ONO Gallery. Tokyo. Japan)

2004 6th Solo Exhibition (Seoul Art Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

2003 5th Solo Exhibition (Noam Gallery. Seoul Korea)

2000 4th Solo Exhibition (Hong Ik University museum. Seoul. Korea)

2000 3rd Solo Exhibition (Alternative Space. Seoul. Korea)

1996 2nd Solo Exhibition (Kim Nae Hyun Gallery. Seoul. Korea)

1992 1st Solo Exhibition (Gain Gallery. Seoul. Korea)



Art fair


2014 SOAF (Seoul, Korea)

2014 Chicago International Art Fair (Chicago, USA)

2014 Palm Beach Art Fair (Miami, USA)

2014 LA Art Show (LA, USA)

2014 Artshow Busan 2014 (Busan, Korea)

2014 New York Scope Art Show (New York, USA)

2014 Seoul Living Design Fair (Seoul, Korea)

2013 Art Miami CONTEXT, FL, USA

2013 Toronto Internatinal Art Fair (Toronto, Canada)

2013 Houston Art Fair (Houston, USA)

2013 G Seoul (Grand Hilton, Seoul, Korea)

2013 KIAF (Seoul, Korea)

2012 Miami art fair (Miami. USA)

2012 doors art fair (Seoul.Korea)

2012 KIAF(Seoul.Korea)

2012 Art Kwangju (Kwangju.Korea)

2012 Kunst art fair (Bolzano. Italy)

2012 KIAF (New York. USA)

2011 Cologne art fair (Cologne. Germany)

2011 Miami art fair (Miami. USA)

2011 Doors art fair (Seoul. Korea)

2011 Kwangju art fair (Kwangju. Korea)

2011 Singapore art fair (Singapore)

2011 KIAF art Fair (Seoul. Korea)

2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Fair Hyatt (Seoul. Korea)

2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel art fair (Hong Kong)

2011 New York Scop art fair (USA)

2011 New York Red dot art fair (USA)

2011 Daegu artfair (Daegu. Korea)

2011 Miami Scop art fair (USA)

2010 LA art fair (USA)

2007 Kyeung Hyang Art Fair (Kyeng Ki. Korea)

2007 ANNEX Convention Center (Fukuoka. Japan)

2004 KIAF art fair (Seoul. Korea)





España Monarchy (España)

Luxembourg Monarchy (Luxembourg)

JEI Education (Seoul.Korea)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle.USA)

Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia.USA)

Loreal Korea (Seoul. Korea)

Komferry Asia (Seoul. Korea)


LG, U Plus (Seoul.Korea)

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (Gwacheon. Korea)

Korea Herald (Seoul.Korea)

Baekgong Museum, Gangwon, Korea

Suwon University (Suwon. Korea)


Blue Dot (Chilgok-gun.Gyeongsangbuk-do. Korea)

Korean Air (Seoul.Korea)





A Member of Korea Fine Art Association

A Member of Kang Nam Art Association

A Member of Origin Art Association







The Journey to Hunab Ku

2015, 79x79cm_copper







Cha Kyung-Jin

1992 M.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Art Fairs 5 Times (2014~2015)

2015 Affordable Art Fair Seoul(DDP,Seoul,Korea),(GAGA Gallery)

2015 Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.(GAGA Gallery)

2015 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (Lon Don).(GAGA Gallery)

2014 Busan ART Fair (Bexco, Busan, Korea)

Solo Exhibitions 8Times(1996~2016)

2015 A Journey to Hunab Ku/ Gallery GO, Incheon

2013 Return to Nature /, Michuhol Gallery, Incheon

2011 2 Sculpture/ Sinseogye Window gallery,Incheon

2007 Two Face/ Gualldam Gallery, Incheon

2006 The Shadow of Existence/ Haewon Gallery, Incheon

1996 Civilization-Excavation, Apocalypse-The Time of Gods/

Kong Pyeong Art Center, Seoul









Park,Sung Sik_who am I(1),117 x 91cm__Mixed media_2016







Park,Sung Sik_who am I(2), 117 x 91cm__Mixed media_2016



Graduate Fine Art Sejong University

Solo Exhibition(1995~2016)
1995 Insa Gallery, Seoul
2012 57ThGallery
2013 Exhibition of Ci-ol Art Fair
2016 ArtExhibitionsponsoredpilriah,ReubenGallery, Seoul
2016 London Affardable Art Fair Hampstead. Etc
Group Exhibition(1986~2007)
1986 DongsungStreetArt
1997 Kyung Museum of Art, Seoul
2007 Wood Gallery, Heyri. Etc.













Kim,Kwan Soo



Wood, cord mixed media on bord




Gurated from Dept. of Art education, Kyung Hee Univ.

Vanice biennale

Asia Pacific Biennale

Tara Int'l Exhibition etc.

Over 100 times participated in various exhibitions in Korea and Abroad












Huh Hwe-tae,Neither thought nor non-thought,100x80cm,hanji,mixed,2015






Huh Hwe-tae,Neither thought nor non-thought,72.7X60.6cm,hanji,mixed,2015






Huh Hwe-tae




 M.F.A. in Korean Painting, Sang-myungUniversity,Seoul,Korea

Grand Prize at KoreaGrandCalligraphyExhibition

Emographic Artist -“The Creator of Emography”


Lecturer, Art Center Calligraphy Hall, Seoul,Korea


Member of Advisory Committee for World Art Federation

Member of International Art Cooperative Organization

Member of Korea FineArtsAssociation

Professor,Yan-Bian University Academy Of Fine Arts, in China


Solo Exhibitions


*‘Huh Hwe-Tae Emography Exhibition’,Korean Culture Center, Berlin,Germany,2006


*Emography of Huh Hwe-tae : James Madison University:Sawhill Gallery : September 28-Octoboer 30, 2009,USA


*The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae : Eastern Mennonite University : Hartzler Gallery, November 14-December 13, 2009, USA


*The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae : Korean Embassy in Washington D.C : Korus House : January 11- February 10, 2010, USA


* Exhibit of Emographic Artist, Huh Hwe-tae : George Mason University: Mason Hall Gallery : February 15- March 15, 2010, USA


*An Invitational Exhibit of the Emography of Huh Hwe-tae : New York Cultural Center : Gallery Korea : March 24- April 22, 2010, USA


*‘Huh Hwe-Tae Emography Special Exhibition’ ,Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities,,Sweden,2014


*‘Huh Hwe-Tae Art Exhibiton’,Hangaram Art Museum,Seoul Arts Center




Kim Jeonng Nam_Natural Rhythm_2012_  pen on canvas_116x80.5cm





Kim,Jeongnamnatural rhythm-eternal 117.4x73cm mixed on foamex 2016



Hongik University, BFA Printmaking

Hongik University, MFA Printmaking

Kangnung National Univ, Department of Fine Arts majoring in Painting



Solo Exhibition


1999 1st Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul

2006 2nd Kangnung art Museum

2009 3th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2010 4th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2011 5th Gaga Gallery, seoul

2013 6th Gaga Gallery, seoul



Art Fair


2013 Seoul Open Art Fair/COEX, Korea

2012 Art Miami Context / Miami,USA,

      Seoul Modern Art Show / aT Center, Seoul

2011 AAF A for double Singapore art fair / Singapore

2010 Art asia Miami art fair / Miami, USA

      Doors Hotel art fair / Imperial palace Hotel, Seoul

      Art Daego/ Exco, Daego

      Gangwon art fair / Gangnung Culture center

      Gangwon Art Fair / Gangneung Cultural Arts Center

2008 Manif art Seoul / Hangaram Museum, Seoul

2006 Gangwon art fair / Chiak Art center

      Gangwon Art Fair /Art Museum chiak





2012 Grand Art Exhibition of Seoul " The First Prize"

2011 Grand Art Exhibition of Jungsoo Korea "Grand Prize"

2009 Grand Art Exhibition of Shinsaimdang "Grand Prize






I was keen on depiction and deeds for painting when I was young and I majored in Painting and Printing at university. In 1992, I started art working in earnest after winning a "Special Prize" in Grand Art Exhibition of New Art Award. In 1993, I held an exhibition at Tashikent museum at the invitation of Uzbekistan government.

In 1994, Painting exhibition in Italy at the invitation of Baeksang Free Art Festival, 1995, Seoul Modern Art Festival. In 1999, I held the first solo exhibition in Kwanhoon Gallery and World Printing exhibition marking the founding. In 2000, I founded Donghae Young Artist Exhibition and began undivided attention in printing work.


Going through the various kinds of tough, soft, experimental attempted of depiction, in 2007, I finally came to find vivid figures in repetitive lines.

The great nature depicted by rhythmical movements of lines has made a great impression and gained public favor so far. In 2011, I held the 5th solo exhibition where I attempted to express my works with my own unique technique-mixed western Op Art with Orient art technique. I hope to fix my aim as a unique artist by showing my strong individuality and seeking the appearance of true nature.




PARK,Hyunsu _ Circle-WB_2015__Oil on canvas_60x60cm







Park,Hyun Soo_Single-B,Oil_on_Canvas,60.6x60cm



The Canvas as a Structure, or a Space of Brilliance

— On Hyun-Su Park’s Work —





Written by Kwang-Su Oh


Park’s paintings are blurry but sophisticated at once, dynamic but extremely still, simple but complex, and conceptual but real at the same time. The consciousness and the subconsciousness, randomness and a fine deliberation co-exist in his works. Both the part and the whole are delicately fragmented while being integrated into a grandiose order. Both the visible and invisible things exist in harmony with each other on the canvas. While the galaxy sinks deep down into the vastitude of the universe on the canvas, the fragments of image that are as clearly distinct as fossils explode on it. The creation of the universe, or the world in the very beginning might have looked like this.


It is said that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth by his word. Perhaps those tiny signifiants that float around the universe and shine like jewels are there to replace the word in recording each and every instant of the creation. Finally the shining light emerging from the darkness settles on Park’s canvas and becomes a unique conceptual form. According to Young-ho Kim, Park’s works are inspired by the light of the nature, and in the process of artistically expressing the light he experienced, Park has successfully developed his own conceptual form defining structure and spirit of the light. The light, certainly, is the key element of Park’s canvas structure. Woo-Hak Yoon even compares Park with the impressionist artists who converted colors to lights, saying that Park’s works are in line with those of the impressionists who revalorized colors as lights and elevated the absolute value of colors.



Park’s working progress also reflects both the depth and the extent structuring the canvas. The first step is to fill the canvas with multi-colored paint drips. Then he covers it thoroughly with a layer of color, and scrapes several parts of the canvas with a rubber knife before it dries. Each one of those scrapes emerges as sparkling signifiants. Some look like Korean alphabets, while others look like occidental alphabets or Arabic numbers. It even seems like a mystic incarnation of the nebulae floating around the universe. Those tiny flashes of light swirl on the background of loops, creating a ritualistic space on the canvas. At the same time, these floating loops take us on a journey to a world that we don’t know. It’s overwhelming with the resonance covering the canvas, but subtle and still at the same time with the secret whispers of light. This subtle paradox of structure can be also put in the following way: “Park’s canvas is mainly composed of vast and simple geometric shapes, but these shapes are in fact a set of hundreds of delicately fragmented forms.






Park, Hyun-Su




2004 M.F.A, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, USA

1998 M.F.A, Fine Art, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

1992 B.F.A, Fine Art, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions 10 Times (1995~2016)

Multiplicity II, Jean Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Recent Works, Evolving Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA

Solo, 1212 Gallery, Burlinggame, California, USA. Etc.


Grants, Awards & Permanant Collections


2010 Seoul Museum of Art, Permanent Collection, Seoul, Korea

2009 Gangju Art Prize, Gangju, Korea

Museum of Art, Permanent Collection, San Jose, California, USA

MM06, ICA Sponsorship 1212 Gallery, San Jose, California, USA

2004 Juror's Choice Award Winner, Vallejo Art Foundation, Vallejo, California, USA

2002-2003 SFAI Graduate Fellowship, San Francisco Art Institute, California, USA









Kim,Sungmin_Way out_2015_Steel_1000x470x500mm








 Kim Sung Min,Way out, 600x170x250mm㎜,Steel,2016




Kim Sung Min


1983 Born in Busan

B.F.A (Sculpture) Department of Art, Silla University, Busan, South Korea

M.F.A (Sculpture) Department of Art, Silla University, Busan, South Korea

Ateending at D.F.A Course in Silla University, Busan, South Korea


Solo & Tween Exhibition

Kim Sung Min Sculpture (Busan Museum of Modern Art / Gallery citizens)

Kim Sung Min, Joe young je (Spring Gallery)

Kim Sung min 'way out' Sculpture (Woo gallery)

Point of contact Kim Sung min, Hong Jun Gyeong (Lee Yeon Ju gallery)



Chung do cows love Art of War 'Grand prize' (Theme park Bullfighting Chung do)

Sung san Art Competition integration 'Grand prize' (Chang won Sung san Art Hall)

Busan Biennale International Art Exhibition sea sector 'Grand prize' (Haeundae Beach)

Busan Art Exhibition "Excellence Award" twice Others 6th prize (Busan Museum of Modern Art)


Group Exhibition and Planning Invitation Exhibition

Yangpyeong country Museum planned "family" (Yangpyeong country Museum) and many others


Art Fair

Busan International Art Fair Gallery BAMA, Gwangju Art Fair,

Daegu Art Fair, The Korea International Art Fair KIAF,




Seongsan Art Hall, Dong-a University Bumin Campus, Eulsukdo Eco Center, Stone Mountain Park, Busan City Hall, Busan City Council, Ulsan Whale Museum, chungdo Bullfighting theme park



Busan Art Exhibition Invited Artist, Busan Art Association, the National Association of Sculptors, Sculptor Korea Association, Kyungnam University, Silla University of Fine Arts and Art Education Lecturer









 Jeong Mi Ha -life, 삶-인연, 72.7x60.6cm, coffee on canvas, 2016






Julie Jeong

개인전 4회 (토론토, 피렌체, 대전, 서울)

그룹전 : 그림사랑전 1회, 2회 (토론토 영락교회, 토론토)

        Accademia Riaci 졸업전 (피렌체) 외 다수




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