권용래 I Kwon Yong Rae


Kwon Yong Rae, The Eternal Flame-Yellow , 2018, 60.5X90.3cm, stainless steel on canvas


 The Eternal Flame-Yellow , 2018, 60.5X90.3cm, stainless steel on canvas, Price GBP  6,000

 The Eternal Flame- 2018,  72.7X60.6cm, stainless steel on canvas, , Price GBP 4,000

 The Eternal Flame-Blue 2018  , 60.5X90.3cm, stainless steel on canvas, , Price GBP  6,000

Kown, Yong Rae


Finding you


Flame is an hour glass that flows upwards.

Flame, which is lighter than sand that breaks apart,

Accumulates into a form

As if time itself always has to do something.

-From Gaston Bachelard’s La flamme d'une chandelle

When a beam of light shined through a window in the corner of his dark studio, the 17thcenturyartistRembrandtprobablyshookinawe.Fromthesubtlelightbeaminthe15,000B.C.PaleolithiccaveartintheCaveofAltamiraorLascaux,



My art is light. I don’t use light as a means to complete my artworks; the light itself is the essence and expression. I don’t try to represent light,

 but I try to make it linger. human is a light of its own. The humanityits culture, history, and lifeare light. Light comes before objects.


A plane, darkness, and light


(Beauty) is not within an object;

It exists within the pattern of cloudage and shading between an object and another.

-From Tanizaki Junichiro’s In Praise of Shadows

Plane acts as the background for my work. Above the plane is the form created by light and shadow born under the down-light. Just as Junichiro had said,

my artwork is perhaps a process of making darkness. Thus, I create an illusion of a flame by putting a sufficient amount of “cloudage” and shading. When

the beauty of light shows its bare existence, I find myself between the night and day.


Stainless Steel, And Its Coldness and Hotness


Recently, I have been using stainless steel. Stainless steel is cold. It is cool-headed. And it is pure. I like the coldness and straightforwardness of the

 stainless steel. It is urban and modern and intellectual. I use the cold stainless steel in order to convey hotness.Let’s take a look at the process. First,

I grind and polish the stainless steel. As a result, the steel becomes even more reflective and mirror-like than before. I cut the product into smaller units.

I hammer the units. Long and boring time passes. The hard light that has been reflected onto the steel breaks with the loud noise of hammering. The light

 now is dispersed as it reflects from the hammered steel parts. It’s a dancing time for light. After the long and repetitive process, thousand units of steel

 are created. The units become pigments of my work. Thousands of cold units join the canvases to take on the illusions of hotness and passion.

 This moment resembles sunset; this is the moment when material becomes an image. Thus, my work is essentially a painting. When I apply the steel units

 on my canvases, I feel a euphoria similar to when I first emit a brushstroke on rice paper with a brush dipped in thoroughly pulverized ink. The smallest

unit is sketched like ink seeping across the rice paper. It seeps through. Amidst the ripeness there is light, light is manifest.

권 용 래 (KWON, YONG RAE) 1963~


1989 Graduated from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Sep. 1991 Graduated from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition 17 Times (1990~2016)


2016 17th Solo Exhibition (Invited at Geumsan Gallery, Geumsan Gallery, Seoul)

2011 16th Solo Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store KINTEX, Lotte Hotel Gallery, Helio Art Invitation, Seoul)

2006 15th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Simon Invitation, Seoul)

14th Solo Exhibition (KCAF, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2004 The 13th Solo Exhibition Seoul Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2003 The 12th Solo Exhibition Seoul Art Festival (Seoul Auction Art Center invitation, Seoul)

2002 11th Solo Exhibition (Asian Live Gallery, Seoul)

10th Solo Exhibition KCAF (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2001 The 9th Solo Exhibition (Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul)

2000 8th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Simon Invitation, Cheongdam Art Festival, Seoul)

1998 7th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Simon Invitation, Seoul)

1997 6th Solo Exhibition (MANIF'97, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

1995 The 5th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Simon Invitation, Seoul)

1993 4th Solo Exhibition (Ikon Gallery, Seoul)

1992 3rd Solo Exhibition (Invited by Indeko Gallery, Seoul)

1990 2nd Solo Exhibition (Pine Gallery, sponsored by Song Eun Cultural Foundation)

1990 1st Solo Exhibition (Yoon Gallery, Seoul)


Group Exihibition


2004 Invited Exhibition of Donga Art Festival Art Association (National Forest Museum, Gwacheon)

Art On Line 2004 WWW. SNUART.COM

2003 Mix & Match (Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Exhibition Room, Suwon)

Art Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

Contemporary Art and Space (Contemporary Art Museum, Ulsan)

Invited Exhibition of Dong-A Art Fair, 2002 (JoongAng Ilbo, Seoul)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Sejong Cultural Center Museum, Seoul)

Asian Contemporary Art Museum (Daejeon Museum of Art, Seoul)

2001 Muse de Seoul (Seoul Museum of Art)

Kangwon Gallery, Korea Comprehensive Art School (Kunowa Gallery)

Three-dimensional solid (Gana Forum Space, Seoul)

Restoration of Art (Insa Art Center, Seoul)

2000 Seoul National University and Millennium (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

Song Eun 1st Cycle Exhibition (Samtan Gallery, Seoul)

Cheongdam Art Festival (Simon Gallery, Seoul)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)



1999 Winner's Invitation Exhibition for the 20th Anniversary of Donga Art Festival

Ah! Korea 1999 (Gallery Sang, Seoul)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

Asian International Art Festival (Fukuoka Asian Art Center, Fukuoka, Japan)

1998 The 13th International Exhibition of Fine Arts (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)

Professor, Kyunggi University, Seoul, Korea (Seoul Newspaper, Seoul)

1997 Realite Seoul (Gongpyeong Art Center)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)

12th International Exhibition of Fine Arts (Macau)

After abstract painting (Gallery UDUK)

1996 Development of Everyday - Plane Message (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

Creative Art Association Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)

Wind of Seoul (Indeko Gallery)

1995 Kwon Hyun-Hyun, Kwon Yong-rae, Lighting Ceremony (Simon Gallery, Seoul)

Seoul Wind Festival (Indeko Gallery, Seoul)

1994 Wind Exhibition of Seoul (Indeko Gallery, Seoul)

1993 Master's Degree Exhibition (Seoul National University Cultural Center)

Ikon Young Artist Exhibition (ICON Gallery, Seoul)

1992 Donga Art Festival (Donga Art Prize, National Museum of Contemporary Art)

Real Estate Seoul (Ikon Gallery, Dukwon Museum)

1991 Today's Korean Painting Exhibition (Walkerhill Museum)

Youth age


Art Fairs


2017 KIAF, COEX, Seoul

Asia Contemporary Consortium Exhibition, New Yor

Hwarang Art Festival (COEX C Hall, Seoul)

2016 Gallery Art Fair (COEX C Hall, Seoul)


Context Miami, Miami

Art Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung

Hwarang Art Festival, COEX C Hall, Seoul)

2015 Spoon Art Fair (Hongik University Hong Mun-gwan, Seoul)

Art Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Chicago Art Fair (Chicago, USA)

Palm Beach Art Fair (Palm Beach, USA)

Singapore Affordable Art Fair (F1 Building, Singapore)

Art Hampton ,Southampton Art Fair (Hampton / Southampton, USA)

Artspaceben Spring Art Show (Art Space Ben, Seoul)

Art Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Miami Art Fair (Miami, USA)

2014 Palm Beach Art Fair (Palm Beach, USA)

Toronto Art Fair (Toronto, Canada)

1990 Transition of idea - tide of tide (Pine Gallery, Seoul)

Insight '82 Exhibition (Kwanhoon Museum of Art, Seoul)

Contemporary Korean Painting Exhibition (Hoam Gallery, Seoul)

1989-90 '89 Korean Contemporary Painting "Today" (Roh Gallery, West Germany, Berlin /

Santos Janos Museum, Hungary, Goyol)

1990 Realty Seoul (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

Drawing Horizon (Kwanhoon Museum, Seoul)

'90 Hyundai Architecture Exhibition '(Kwanhoon Museum of Art, Seoul)

Dong-A Art Festival Special (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

Shinsegaejeon (Kwanhoon Museum of Art, Seoul)

Joongang Art Fair (Hoam Art Hall, Seoul)

1989 Drawing Exhibition (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)

Section of New Generation Exhibition (Korea Gallery, Seoul)

Shinsegaejeon (Kwanhoon Museum of Art, Seoul)

'89 Orientation Exhibition (Yoon Gallery, Seoul)

Part 4 of the 4th Logos (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)

1st Exhibition Exhibition (Dongduk Art Museum, Seoul)

1988 Central Art Exhibition (Ho-am Art Hall, Seoul)



1992 Donga Art Festival Donga Art Prize

1982 Encouragement Prize of Central Art Festival



National Museum of Contemporary Art, Hoam Art Gallery, Samsung Arts Foundation, Hyundai Museum of Contemporary Art (Ulsan), Seoul Museum of Fine Arts,]

Hong Kong Quinnophin Museum, Beijing Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Old Stone Museum, Marriott Hotel Yeouido and Marriott Hotel

 Changwon, Bundang Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Seoul Hospital, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, SPG, Songam Astronomical Observatory,

Cheonglim Cultural Center, LG Electronics, LG Home Shopping Building, Sky Valley CC.













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