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Ted Van Cleave

Ted VanCleaves art has received numerous honors and distinctions. His work was selected by Laura Rosenstock, Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York to appear in the Faber Birren Color Award Show and he was awarded Top National Honors from the prestigious National Watercolor Society. Featured interviews of VanCleave have received a worldwide audience on CNN among others. His highly stylized photographs, innovative sculptures and abstract paintings offer an exciting new approach to these popular mediums.  

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The Hollywood Sign series by Ted VanCleave was selected as the inaugural exhibit for The Gallery at The Art Institute of California � Hollywood by President Gregory J. Marick. 밬pon first seeing his photography of the Hollywood Sign, I was awed by VanCleave뭩 artistry, compelling me to contemplate the icon which I뭭e seen a thousand times before but which never before looked so fresh.� Added Marick: The details, perspective, and colors come together in ways which cast a new light on this familiar landmark � a fantastic creative achievement worthy of celebration in The Gallery at The Art Institute of California � Hollywood�. Greg Marick, President, Art Institute of California, Hollywood, CA

Ted VanCleave뭩 abstract, architectural photographs of Los Angeles depict a fantastical, futuristic vision of urban landscape. Forceful lines and curves of cement soar across skies saturated with expressionistic colors. The vertiginous angles, blocks of solid color, and disorienting geometry create a picture space wherein solid forms become pure abstraction. Only an occasional reference to the surrounding environment or the colors of the natural world remind us that this is Los Angeles, a real place, as reinterpreted by VanCleave painterly vision. Eyemazing Magazine

Ted VanCleave has captured the urban landscape of Los Angeles by focusing on the city unique style of modern and postmodern industrial architecture. His photographs of the city architecture extend beyond representation and become brilliant, almost surreal, abstracts that juxtapose vibrant color and the geometry of the city landscape.
VanCleave color palette expertly plays with photography unique ability to capture subtleties in light and shadow, adding a richness and narrative depth to his primarily abstract form. Metro Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Ted VanCleave provides vivid images of inspiring architecture, transcending time and space and capturing glimpses of vitality amid vast swaths of urban drudgery. 21st Century Architecture



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